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Jeiro Velazquez '66 would like to contact former teacher Michael Linder.

Tony Oliva '61 is looking for other members of the Class of 1961.  He served two tours with the Marine Corps in Vietnam and would love to hear from other vets.  He recently read an article about former Seward art teacher Mrs. Bunny Dell.  He believes her maiden name at Seward was Rosmarin.  Anyone remember her? 

We are sorry to report on the passing of Robert Joseph Pizzuro '63.  His son would like to hear from anyone who remembers his Dad.  Please email us and we will put you in touch.

We have had a request from Garrett Schor for anyone with information about the family of Carlos Gonzales '67.  Carlos was killed in Vietnam in 1968.  His former squad leader wishes to get in touch with his family.  Carlos lived in Jacob Riis houses and had a brother Julio (Pee Wee) and a girlfriend Maryann Bisulca.  If you have any information, please contact us and we will put you in touch with Garrett.

Gordon Jacoby '52 would love to hear from other 1952 graduates.

Trying to locate Larry Pollack, a former Seward history teacher.

Anna Glowatz '49 is trying to locate Gertrude and Helen Goldstone from the class of '49 or anyone who knows them.

Imelda (Marie) Hernandez '87 & Maribel Lange '87 are trying to locate Ernest Rodriguez '87 who went by the nickname Smokey.

Murray (Arnold) Schwartz '44 is seeking to contact Murray Friedberg.

Charles Harding '66 is interested if there are other 1966 alumni interested in a 50th reunion.

Eugenia Peterson (formerly Abraham) '73 would love to hear from fer friends in the Class of '73.

Barbara Fireison '61 is looking to find fellow classmates.

Darrell Mayfield '71 is seeking to contact Dawn Rothstein '71.

Eileen Blazer Holzer is trying to contact Pamela Greenberg '60.

Bob Molerio is seeking anecdotes from anyone who knew his uncle, Dagoberto Molerio, who taught at Seward from 1955 to 1975.

Paul Laspada '65 is trying to locate Donna Heilweil and Sheri Zalkowitz to share photos from the recent reunion.

John Perry '63 is seeking Charles Davidson '63 who lived in Seward Park Houses and his father was a dentist on Delancey Street.

Viviana Negron '77 is trying to locate Easter Lily Wong '77.

P. Siciliano '65 is trying to locate Joan Small '65.

Harold Binder '58, is interested in hearing from classmates and teachers.

Ruth (Reznick) Amit '64 is looking for classmate Rosalie Savatteri '65 or her sister Estelle Savatteri '67.

Glen Whelpley '65 is looking for classmate Jackie Yee.

Former teacher, Jay Fleishman, would like to contact Shu Ji Wang, '90.

Bruce Wong '93 is looking for classmate Grace Fung.

Van Carrillo ’78 is looking for classmates Susan Richie and Evelyn Vazquez.

The daughter of former SPHS math teacher Linda Bayless would like to talk to folks that knew her Mom.  Any photos or videos of her mother would be greatly appreciated.

Yu Fang Lin '91 would like to hear from anyone interested in organizing a reunion.

Ellen Messing Newman '65 would like to hear from anyone interested in organizing a 50th reunion.

Sarah Russo Green would like to hear from members of the class of January 1951.

Joyce Dalli would like to hear from anyone from the class of '65.

Jack Rose is trying to locate Ana Fernandez '83.

Michael Schneider is interested in a 50th reunion also for the class of 1959. Is anyone doing one? We aren't all dead yet!

Fred Teng '73 is seeking fellow members of the class of '73, especially members of the Chinese Cultural Club.

Edwin Gonzalez (known as Gonzo) of the class of '79 is interested in hearing from fellow classmates and is trying to find his old friend Eileen Perez, who lived on Jackson Street.

Leonard Bienstock, class of '49 would like to hear from fellow 1949 graduates.

A former teacher is trying to locate Maria Taveras, Seward '04 -'06.

Fifi Feliciano '86 is looking for Diana Guzman '86.

Catherine Maurer McGrath would like to locate Margaret Parfumy, Edith Verona and Doris Solnick

Magda Morales aka Magda Gonzalez '88 who played volleyball, basketball and softball is looking for fellow classmates.

Frank Matijevich '64 is trying to locate old friends Angel Fletcher, Paul Zengara, and Michael Pupczyk.

Yetta Wells is looking for classmates of 1936. Contact us and we will put you in touch with her

Marsha Zakheim is looking for 1959 reunion interest.

Eileen (Gitt) Lewinstein June '32, would love to communicate with anyone of that year or the previous year.

Gordon Jacoby, class of '52 is seeking fellow classmates from his year.

The brother of Sherman Cohen '44 is trying to locate graduates who knew her brother who was killed in Germany in 1944.

Florence Ribner, class of Jan '39 would like to hear from anyone from that year.

David Babilonia is looking for Teresa Camacho '95 whose father worked in the school for a long time.

Jennie Vargas '98 is wondering if anyone is planning a 10th reunion.

Zorina Guri '57 is trying to locate Jennie Guica.

Jasper Spano is trying to locate Joseph Brown '63 formerly of 30 Avenue D

Bernard Lehrer, class of Jan 42, would love to hear from fellow classmates (He was VP of the GO and first clarinet in the orchestra and band).

Shon Walker '88, is trying to locate Alfred Brooks, also from the class of 1988.

Carol Seifert is trying to locate Manny Salinardi (circa class of '60) who previously lived on Houston Street between Avenue A and First Avenue

Oscar Haimowitz '50 would like to hear from classmate Robert Workun

Phyllis Beard (formerly Phyllis Dreiband) '57 would love to hear from members of the class of 1957. Where are Sandy Reiffe, Sheila Turkel, Essie K, Toby, & Phyllis? She would also like to know if Ms. Sennet is out there who she credits for giving her a love of history.

Erick Velez would like to locate Arlene Crespo '86 or '87 who lived on Columbia & Delancey

Gordon A. Jacoby '52 would like very much to hear from fellow classmates.

Frank R. Gaffney would love to hear of anyone is planning a reunion of the class of 1969.

Sheila Feigenbaum would like to hear from any 1955 graduates out there.

Carmen Perez '65 would like to locate Jerry Weiner '64

Chaya Katz is looking for Hallie Isak '84

Margie Figueroa '76 is in search of the 1975-1976 swimming team members, Zulma Morales, Simone Guillotine, Mandy Huang and other members of the team

Adrienne Garber would like to know if there are any 1973 graduates out there?

Ivan Kron is looking for a 1967 40th Class Reunion

Barbara Murray is trying to locate Charmine Dunce '78.

Soribel Genao would like to hear from other members of the class of '99.

Lee Canaan '49, known at Seward as Leonard Bienstock before changing it when he went into showbiz, who love to hear from former classmates.

Bea Schwartz '42 is trying to contact former classmate Jack Weingarten '42.

Joe Carluccio is trying to locate Wendy Beinstock

Luisa Pacheco '88, is looking for classmates Joanna Castillo and Laura Torres and would love to hear from other 1988 graduates.

Sean Stefan Sampson '86 is looking for Chris "Sostro" (?), who dated 'Diana' and was last known to be in the Marines.

John Gallignani '53 is seeking fellow classmates from 1953.

Glenda '93 is looking for her former best friend Rosa Camacho whose dad also worked at the school.

Diane Bloomfield aka Diane Michael '71 would like to contact Denise Rothstein, Dawn Rothstein, Melanie Miller or Pamela Rudolph.

Edwin Roman whose parents were both members from the class of '64 has contacted us. His father, Edwin Roman, Sr. passed away and his mother, Hilda Vargas, is trying to locate a very dear friend, Nilda Aldea.

Charles Cushing is seeking other graduates from the classes of '51 or '52.

Henry Colon '78 is looking for classmates Luis Olivares and Helen and George also from the class of '78.

Norm Long is seeking information about a 50th reunion for the class of '56. Any information out there?

Anthony Walker looking for '95 grads

Margie Figueroa '76 is searching for Donna Hayen '77

Eleanor '56 is looking for Douglas '56 who lived in Brooklyn on MacDougal Street and worked in a grocery store on W 147 Street in Harlem until his graduation. He entered the marines not to long after that.

P.J. Camacho '72, looking for long time memorable friends Papo Sanchez, Ricky Peaco, Achie Maugrauer, Felix Vicente, Frank Fazio and Olga Canales.

Valerie Carrero is looking for friends from 1981.

Cookie Albertorio is trying to locate her old friends from 1963 - Frankie Linero, Pat Delgado and Saba Velez.

Phil Ward '62 is looking for "Cookie" and her friend Myrna.

Rhoda Baum '43 is looking for fellow classmates.

David Nash '46 is trying to locate Ruth Stein, Eleninor Dinnerstein, and Stewart Cohn

Mollie Abzug Pier '37 seeking Muriel Tarabolis, Meyer Bishansky, Gloria Sperling, and other members of her class.

Phyllis Kremer Turk '53 is trying to locate Betty Becker '53

Miriam Stillman Hamelburg is trying to locate Joyce Criscione

Isidore Steinbaum '30 is trying to locate any classmates from his year

Judi Caplan '52 is trying to locate Bella Berger '52

Miss Sarah Brown, later Mrs. Sarah Brown Weitzman, English teacher from 1957-1968 would love to hear from her former students

Jerry Agrinzoni '74 is trying to locate Brenda Powe and Anita Sanchez.

Joyce Thaw '59 would love to locate Toby Cutler and Elaine Ozeil.

Cecilia Bernard-Lambert '64 is trying to locate Tommy Nardone '63.

If you'd like to try and reunite with a Seward Park Alum contact us at

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