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Hannah and Meyer Scher
Published: January 04, 2006

Hannah and Meyer Scher, 57-year residents of Palo Alto, celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary Dec. 17.

The couple met at a high school dance in 1938 while attending Seward Park High School. After Pearl Harbor was attacked, he left his third year at Brooklyn College of New York to work at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard as a shipfitter and welder, and he ultimately joined the Naval Reserve. Meanwhile, she worked in New York as a clerk for the New York Ordnance District War Department.

They were engaged in 1943 just as he left for an 18-month work contract at Pearl Harbor. They married at the end of his contract in 1944, planning to return to Hawaii.

In 1945, the couple moved to Hawaii as he began another 18-month contract. She began work as a statistical clerk in the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Office. Their first son, Les, was born May 9, 1946, in Oahu.

At the end of their contracts, they decided to return to the mainland. They spent some time on the East Coast and in Los Angeles before visiting some friends from Hawaii in Palo Alto. They fell in love with the city and moved here in 1949.

He received his bachelor's degree from Stanford University and went on to obtain a law degree from San Francisco Law School. To pay for his education, he attended classes in the evening and worked during the day. He would stay in San Francisco during the week and return to Palo Alto on the weekends, renting out a room for 20 dollars a month. She also helped, working as a medical secretary at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Menlo Park. While there, she gave birth to three sons, and their youngest, Gerald, was born in 1963.

He is currently completing his 50th year at his law firm, Scher and Bassett in Sunnyvale. Of their six sons, two are lawyers, one is an accountant, one produces the popular "Soy Vay" food brand, one is the former vice president of an event-promotion company, and another works in property management. The couple also has 15 grandchildren. They celebrated with an 11-day Western Caribbean cruise that involved all six sons and 13 grandchildren.

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