Susan Baum Schloss

My parents, Helen Finkel and Sol Baum, attended Seward Park. They met on a boat ride about 1934, went to high school together, and got married when my Dad returned from the war at Christmas 1945. They married in February, 1946, and had a long and happy life together. My Mother, who was from Brooklyn, could have chosen a high school there, but it was a hundred years old. So instead, she chose the beautiful newer school Seward Park. I’m glad she did, otherwise she and my Dad would never have met! He passed away in December of 2000, and she died in December of 2010. But they told me they had fond memories of their school. In their yearbooks, next to each photo, was a little quote. On my Dad’s is written: “He likes figures, all kinds” (He became an accountant). On Mom’s is written: When first she entered Seward, she was shy; now she rolls a wicked eye!

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