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Note about Reunions

How Can I Help My Old School?

You might be surprised by how similar today's students are to what you remember about being a Seward student. While today's culture may be different and the political causes have changed, the students still have so many of the same hopes, dreams and challenges that we faced. We often receive inquiries about how Seward alumni can help today's students.

Tremendous improvements have been made in restoration of the auditorium. Would you be interested in helping to fund completion of the work?

Today's students are doing extremely well at getting into top colleges, but even with scholarships many are unable to afford to leave home. Would you be interested in establishing a scholarship or contributing to our existing scholarship fund?

We will be happy to work with you on any of these ideas at any dollar level as they can make a huge impact for today's students. Please complete the form below and we will gladly provide further information. We could even set up a tour of the Seward Park campus and you can meet today's students for yourself.


Reunions are planned by individual alumni. We are happy to assist whenever asked, but we are a volunteer organization and we do not have the staff to organize such events. If you are interested in organizing a reunion for your class, we are happy to list your interest on the website so that other classmates may contact you.

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Dan Sheil

Class of: 1959
Submitted: 2019-16-07
Hard to get my head around the fact that it is 60 years ago that I graduated. I spent only 2 years at SPHS, but remember them fondly. One of the best things about Seward was the totally diverse makeup of the student body. If only America today could get along together as well as the students at Seward did, we would all be a lot better off.

Is anyone thinking of a 50th reunion – Class of 1969 ?

Class of: 1969
Submitted: Michael Malinowitz

Hey, Hey, Class of 1969 !!  Is anyone thinking of a 50th reunion ??

Ismael Tirado-Rodríguez

Class of: 1981
Submitted: 2019-24-05

Joined US Army right after graduation and was gone until 1999…
Planning to move to Puerto Rico & go back & forth…

Mario Miranda

Class of: 1966
Submitted: 2019-16-06

I loved that school. I learned how to swim in my Physical Education class at Seward Park. If my fellow student Max Aldahondo read this I would like to send him my regards. Also to my other friend Vicky Ling. She was a fan of actor John Hodiak and I was a fan of Anne Baxter his ex wife and a wonderful actress.

Edwin Lopez

Class of: 1970
Submitted: 2019-21-05

Graduated in 1970, had a great time there , played a lot of handball. Great memories and would like to connect with old class mates, currently live in Florida.

Jose Manuel Morales Jr.

Class of: 1986
Submitted: 2019-22-04

I played Tuba in the band, was in FBLA, took part in the Fashion Show and was in the Track Team. Many great memories of my time in Seward Park High School!

Shirley Ng

Class of: 1985
Submitted: April 12, 2019

Save the Date: Saturday, May 18, 2019,
Meet-up of 1980s Seward Park HS Alumni (Classes of 1980-1989),
in the LES, of course!
Details to come.
Hosted by 1985 Alumnus – Shirley Ng, Contact me at
You Asked For It. You Got It!

Thomas (Tommy) Chao

Class of: 1978

Hi guys and girls. I would like to have a reunion of some sort. Is anyone interested. Would like to know how everyone is doing!

Tommy (Thomas) Chao

Class of: 1978

Looking to have a reunion if anyone of my classmates and peers are interested. Want to know how everyone is doing. Can email me at ThomasChaood89 Hope to hear from you all soon!

Luis Vega

Class of: 1974
Submitted: Jan 1, 2019

Class of 1974! Please email if you remember Luis Vega 1974 – my dear uncle.

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