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Note about Reunions

How Can I Help My Old School?

You might be surprised by how similar today's students are to what you remember about being a Seward student. While today's culture may be different and the political causes have changed, the students still have so many of the same hopes, dreams and challenges that we faced. We often receive inquiries about how Seward alumni can help today's students.

Tremendous improvements have been made in restoration of the auditorium. Would you be interested in helping to fund completion of the work?

Today's students are doing extremely well at getting into top colleges, but even with scholarships many are unable to afford to leave home. Would you be interested in establishing a scholarship or contributing to our existing scholarship fund?

We will be happy to work with you on any of these ideas at any dollar level as they can make a huge impact for today's students. Please complete the form below and we will gladly provide further information. We could even set up a tour of the Seward Park campus and you can meet today's students for yourself.


Reunions are planned by individual alumni. We are happy to assist whenever asked, but we are a volunteer organization and we do not have the staff to organize such events. If you are interested in organizing a reunion for your class, we are happy to list your interest on the website so that other classmates may contact you.

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Class of: 1976
Submitted: May 16, 2018
Our Friend and fellow SPHS Jenny Chica went to be with the lord. Jenny was loved by everybody. Jenny went on to accomplish her dreams. Rest in peace my friend. Jenny was in the 1976 class.

Anthony P. Oliva

Class of: 1961
Submitted: May 3, 2018

As time goes on you start to think back of all the people that were in your life. If there is anyone from the class of 1961 I would love to hear from you. Ann Sheppard/Paki Wright. Do you remember me?

Edgar (Bobby) Robinson

Class of: 1964
Submitted: Apr 7, 2018

Hard to believe the years have flown by so quickly. Anyone out there from the Class of ’64 as well as the SPHS Chorus, would love to hear from you. I can be contacted at

Aaron M. Serrano

Class of: 2005
Submitted: Mar 15, 2018

Had some good times here

Richard Svendsen

Class of: 1977
Submitted: Mar 9, 2018

Was in Communications Workshop at SPHS. Retired U.S. Probation Officer living in Oklahoma.

Linda Meltzer Sanders

Class of: 1956
Submitted: Feb 7, 2018

Loved SPHS–enjoyed chorus, drama club, and the many friends I made there.

Mary Mercogliano

Class of: 1955
Submitted: Feb 2, 2018

Would love to hear from any classmate. e-mail address:

Eddie Wong

Class of: 1978
Submitted: Jan 23, 2018

Hi Class of 1978

Jian P. Chen

Class of: 1993
Submitted: Jan 6, 2018

Wow…it has been 25 years since I graduated from Seward Park HS in 1993. Hope everyone is doing well. I wonder if there’re any re-unions for 1993 graduates.

Debbie Reyes

Class of: 1978
Submitted: Oct 29, 2017

Wow almost 40 years ago we took the plunge into adulthood!!! migoil @ aol. com

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