Seward Park High School Alumni Association

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Seward Park - Yesterday and Today

The original Seward Park High School graduated its last class in June 2006.

The building is now Seward Park campus consisting of five smaller specialty high schools.

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Scholarship Recipients

Through the tremendous generosity of alumni and friends the alumni association is able to fund college scholarships for today’s Seward campus students.

Alumni stay in touch and mentor these students throughout their four years of college. It has been an incredibly successful program for which all alumni should be very proud.

Seward Park High School - Famous Alumni

Don’t know any celebrities? Think again! Whether they are in show biz or are Nobel Prize winners, you as a Seward alum, may be only one degree of separation from them!

Who knows what future Seward alum may gain fame for their accomplishments? Will they build a better mouse trap? Write the great American novel? Find a cure for cancer?

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Tony Curtis

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Keenan Ivory Wayans

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Jerry Stiller

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Estelle Getty