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Marsha Tobias – former AP

Class of:
Submitted: Sept 17, 2019
Marsha passed away Sunday Sept 15 after a long illness. She was living in Dedham, MA  since 2015. Marsha is a native New Yorker. Born in Brooklyn. I believe she taught at Seward for over 25 years. In total, she taught for 31 years. Services will be Thursday Sept 19 at 11 am. Plaza Jewish Community Chapel. Marsha retired from Seward in 2001. She was a mentor and friend to many teachers. Signed, Emily M. Shumsky (her daughter)

Carole Isak

Class of: 1958
Submitted: Sept. 15, 2019

I graduated from Seward June 1958….would like to receive information on what is happening with my fellow school mates….my name at graduation was: Carole Isak…. Thanks carole.

Alumni Meet-Up! Sept 21, 2019 (6 – 8:30 pm) – Lucky Jack’s, 129 Orchard Street, NYC

Class of:
Submitted: Shirley Ng (1985) & Janet Martinez (1984)


*** All Alumni Meet-Up!  Sat., Sept. 21 at Lucky Jacks, 129 Orchard St., NYC.  6:00-8:30 pm ***

        ***  Click on link above for more details and to register  ***


Date And Time

Sat, September 21, 2019

6:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT

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Lucky Jack’s

129 Orchard Street

New York, NY 10002

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No Refunds


Hello and welcome to another All Alumni Seward Park Meet-Up!

Who remembers the school song?!!! (There was song?) 😛

Looks like we gained some more interest from our first meet-up in May, so I’m hoping to have a larger turn out for this gathering.

Please join me and co-host Janet Martinez and our fellow alumnus for a social gathering to catch up and share our memories over appetizers and drinks. We’ll have our own private lounge and bar downstairs.

We welcome all graduates and their friends and family, however all attendees must be 21 years and over to enter the venue.

Please register soon! The later you register, the more adjustments are needed for catering and that takes work.

Cost covers the food, paper goods, etc. Drinks are pay on your own at the bar. Because I have to confirm and book the food in advance, there are no refunds. I need a minimum of 30 people to make this event happen.

**** If there are less then 30 attendees registered by September 15, I will have to cancel and you will receive a refund.

Looking forward to meeting all of you and don’t forget to bring your year books! We’ll have fun connecting and sharing our school memories. Stay tuned to your email for updates after you registered.

Check out the group photo below from our first Seward Park Meet-Up. 🙂

p.s. The credit card charges will go through as a charge to”Creative SNG Media,” my business account.

Questions? Call me 917-513-7893.

Shirley Ng – Class of 1985

Janet Martinez – Class of 1984



Elvira Cueli

Class of: 1959
Submitted: 2019-05-08

Still Kicking

vidal alvarez

Class of: 1970
Submitted: 2019-23-07

Susan Baum Schloss

Class of: 1939
Submitted: 2019-01-08

My parents, Helen Finkel and Sol Baum, attended Seward Park. They met on a boat ride about 1934, went to high school together, and got married when my Dad returned from the war at Christmas 1945. They married in February, 1946, and had a long and happy life together. My Mother, who was from Brooklyn, could have chosen a high school there, but it was a hundred years old. So instead, she chose the beautiful newer school Seward Park. I’m glad she did, otherwise she and my Dad would never have met! He passed away in December of 2000, and she died in December of 2010. But they told me they had fond memories of their school. In their yearbooks, next to each photo, was a little quote. On my Dad’s is written: “He likes figures, all kinds” (He became an accountant). On Mom’s is written: When first she entered Seward, she was shy; now she rolls a wicked eye!

Dan Sheil

Class of: 1959
Submitted: 2019-16-07

Hard to get my head around the fact that it is 60 years ago that I graduated. I spent only 2 years at SPHS, but remember them fondly. One of the best things about Seward was the totally diverse makeup of the student body. If only America today could get along together as well as the students at Seward did, we would all be a lot better off.

Is anyone thinking of a 50th reunion – Class of 1969 ?

Class of: 1969
Submitted: Michael Malinowitz

Hey, Hey, Class of 1969 !!  Is anyone thinking of a 50th reunion ??

Ismael Tirado-Rodríguez

Class of: 1981
Submitted: 2019-24-05

Joined US Army right after graduation and was gone until 1999…
Planning to move to Puerto Rico & go back & forth…

Mario Miranda

Class of: 1966
Submitted: 2019-16-06

I loved that school. I learned how to swim in my Physical Education class at Seward Park. If my fellow student Max Aldahondo read this I would like to send him my regards. Also to my other friend Vicky Ling. She was a fan of actor John Hodiak and I was a fan of Anne Baxter his ex wife and a wonderful actress.


Please submit your memories of Seward to

My name is Jerry Agrinzoni and I graduated from Seward in 1974. After completing my undergraduate degree at The City College and graduate degree from the Columbia University School of Social Work I worked at various jobs. From substance abuse counseling at the Addiction Research and Treatment Corporation's methadone maintenance program in Harlem (the Starting Point Clinic) to Services for the Underserved (community residential services for mentally ill chemical abusers) to my current employment with the New York City Housing Authority in the Social Services Department, I often look back on my years at Seward fondly. The environment there, the culture of the neighborhood and the students and teachers proved to be as guiding lights, urging me in the direction of wanting to help people. I received a lot of support and guidance from those individuals at Seward who were charged with bringing out each student's talents. So much were they invested in my future that the guidance counselor applied for me to go to The City College, at a time when I was unmotivated to go to any institution of higher learning. Thank goodness for that! And, thank you Seward Park! I'm sorry to see the old school go, and am heartened to see its incarnation ready to guide the youth of today and tomorrow into this new century. I pray that the same supportive environment I had still lives on! If anyone from the class of 1974, or any other year, would like to email me, please do at

Jerry Agrinzoni '74


My name is Jacquelyn Anderson and I attended and graduated from Seward Park in 1974. Since that time, I've entered the media. I was a radio newscaster at NJN (WNJT), and have been an on-air radio personality for several years now at stations in New Jersey and Alabama. I currently host "Midday Jazz With Jackie Anderson" at WJAB 90.9 FM, in Huntsville, Alabama. Also, I manage Hammond B3 jazz organist Vince Seneri, who is in the NY/NJ area. His latest CD is "Street Talk", with Grammy-winner Dave Valentin, Houston, Person, and David "Fathead" Newman. We are in the process of planning a world tour. I did get a chance to go to New York back in August, 2005 for my vacation, and had the privilege to drive by Seward Park High with my brother Kenny. I'll be back in New York soon. It brought back many wonderful memories for me! If anyone would like to contact me, my email address

Jacquelyn Anderson '74


I have very fond and vivid memories of my years at SPHS, not the least of which the year when I brought prestige to the school by having a short story I had written for the school's creative writing publication (called the Folio) won the district prize for Manhattan in a contest sponsored by NYU. At that time, all high schools in each of the boroughs were invited to submit student stories and I had to be persuaded to do so by my then honors English teacher, Miss Lyons. It was a first for the school and it made the faculty and all the students very proud.

Mollie Abzug Pier '37

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