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Mario Miranda

Class of: 1966
Submitted: 2019-16-06

I loved that school. I learned how to swim in my Physical Education class at Seward Park. If my fellow student Max Aldahondo read this I would like to send him my regards. Also to my other friend Vicky Ling. She was a fan of actor John Hodiak and I was a fan of Anne Baxter his ex wife and a wonderful actress.

Edwin Lopez

Class of: 1970
Submitted: 2019-21-05

Graduated in 1970, had a great time there , played a lot of handball. Great memories and would like to connect with old class mates, currently live in Florida.

Jose Manuel Morales Jr.

Class of: 1986
Submitted: 2019-22-04

I played Tuba in the band, was in FBLA, took part in the Fashion Show and was in the Track Team. Many great memories of my time in Seward Park High School!

Shirley Ng

Class of: 1985
Submitted: April 12, 2019

Save the Date: Saturday, May 18, 2019,
Meet-up of 1980s Seward Park HS Alumni (Classes of 1980-1989),
in the LES, of course!
Details to come.
Hosted by 1985 Alumnus – Shirley Ng, Contact me at
You Asked For It. You Got It!

Thomas (Tommy) Chao

Class of: 1978

Hi guys and girls. I would like to have a reunion of some sort. Is anyone interested. Would like to know how everyone is doing!

Tommy (Thomas) Chao

Class of: 1978

Looking to have a reunion if anyone of my classmates and peers are interested. Want to know how everyone is doing. Can email me at ThomasChaood89 Hope to hear from you all soon!

Luis Vega

Class of: 1974
Submitted: Jan 1, 2019

Class of 1974! Please email if you remember Luis Vega 1974 – my dear uncle.

Harold (Butch) Kruse

Class of: 1963
Submitted: Dec 20, 2018

don’t know why but i thought of this site this morning sitting here at home in san diego… hope all is well with whoever is still above sod from our class and 62 -65…saw there was a reunion a few years back.. sorry i missed it… i am at…. stay healthy … Butch

John Daniel Lajara

Class of: 1968
Submitted: Dec 11, 2018

Hi, 50 years since graduating. Where have they gone?… I lived at 10 Ave. D (Lillian Wald Projects) and attended PS 188, JHS 22, and SPHS from 1965-1968 when I graduated. From there Lehman College, CUNY & Fordham U. Served in the USAR for 8 years & retired 7/2018 after 44 years as a Social Worker (32 w/ NYC DOE at Taft HS in the Bronx. Now living in CT. I remember SPHS fondly with many wonderful memories & still have our 1968 year book.

Donald Klotchmn

Class of: 1952
Submitted: Nov 5, 2018

would like to hear from anyone.


Please submit your memories of Seward to

My name is Jerry Agrinzoni and I graduated from Seward in 1974. After completing my undergraduate degree at The City College and graduate degree from the Columbia University School of Social Work I worked at various jobs. From substance abuse counseling at the Addiction Research and Treatment Corporation's methadone maintenance program in Harlem (the Starting Point Clinic) to Services for the Underserved (community residential services for mentally ill chemical abusers) to my current employment with the New York City Housing Authority in the Social Services Department, I often look back on my years at Seward fondly. The environment there, the culture of the neighborhood and the students and teachers proved to be as guiding lights, urging me in the direction of wanting to help people. I received a lot of support and guidance from those individuals at Seward who were charged with bringing out each student's talents. So much were they invested in my future that the guidance counselor applied for me to go to The City College, at a time when I was unmotivated to go to any institution of higher learning. Thank goodness for that! And, thank you Seward Park! I'm sorry to see the old school go, and am heartened to see its incarnation ready to guide the youth of today and tomorrow into this new century. I pray that the same supportive environment I had still lives on! If anyone from the class of 1974, or any other year, would like to email me, please do at

Jerry Agrinzoni '74


My name is Jacquelyn Anderson and I attended and graduated from Seward Park in 1974. Since that time, I've entered the media. I was a radio newscaster at NJN (WNJT), and have been an on-air radio personality for several years now at stations in New Jersey and Alabama. I currently host "Midday Jazz With Jackie Anderson" at WJAB 90.9 FM, in Huntsville, Alabama. Also, I manage Hammond B3 jazz organist Vince Seneri, who is in the NY/NJ area. His latest CD is "Street Talk", with Grammy-winner Dave Valentin, Houston, Person, and David "Fathead" Newman. We are in the process of planning a world tour. I did get a chance to go to New York back in August, 2005 for my vacation, and had the privilege to drive by Seward Park High with my brother Kenny. I'll be back in New York soon. It brought back many wonderful memories for me! If anyone would like to contact me, my email address

Jacquelyn Anderson '74


I have very fond and vivid memories of my years at SPHS, not the least of which the year when I brought prestige to the school by having a short story I had written for the school's creative writing publication (called the Folio) won the district prize for Manhattan in a contest sponsored by NYU. At that time, all high schools in each of the boroughs were invited to submit student stories and I had to be persuaded to do so by my then honors English teacher, Miss Lyons. It was a first for the school and it made the faculty and all the students very proud.

Mollie Abzug Pier '37